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Executives Search in several countries of Europe

An important Spanish fashion Company considered, within their strategic foreign expansion Plan, to establish operations on Northern European countries. In order to do so, they needed to cover immediately 3 directive positions with commercial background and Fashion industry knowledge. TRSEARCH International resolved these searches efficiently and on time, despite the difficulty added by geographic mobility

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Our Partners and Consultants possess extensive expertise in Executive Search, having held previously upper management positions in...

Senior Executives Assessement

It enables to know the potentials and abilities of Managers and Directors to tackle effectively new market opportunities.

Having the most appropriate professionals in every moment or business situation enables Companies to be prepared to encounter new challenges.

offers an in depth analysis of the Executives of the Organization, of their strengths, weaknesses, management skills, expertise and competences in order to assess their adequacy for the consecution of the company's objectives.

    • Merger and acquisition processes
      It provides information about the profiles of people coming from diverse business activities, sectors and cultures and their capacity to adapt to the new goals and culture of the merger company.
    • Internal promotions
      It enables us to know employee's potential and professional competences for their internal promotion.
    • Succession planning
      It is the basis for the design of personalized Succession planning and internal promotion.
    • Strategic planning
      It provides the Company Senior Management with a detailed analysis of the Team's competences and potential in order to promote its integration in the future company plans: expansion, internationalization, etc.
    • Changes of cycle
      It supplies valuable information to set up the best Talent in the Organization, as the executive profile required is not the same in a crisis situation as in prosperity, in an expansive market or in a saturated one, etc.
    • We work with Chairmen and Managing Directors, acquiring a profound knowledge of the Company, its structure, its current situation, its presence in the market, its competitors, goals and strategy.
    • We define jointly the most perfect management structure to develop strategies and to reach goals. We establish the ideal profile for each executive post, in their personal, professional, competence and experience aspects.
    • We assess Executives on the basis of profiles defined through in-depth competence interviews and modern on-line psychometric tools.
    • We issue a report in which the assessment and suitability of each Candidate figures, as well as a comparative analysis that reflects the most outstanding aspects.
    • Having assessed the abilities and competences of the Senior Managers and Directors in order to quickly adapt the organization structures to the new economic and market situations.
    • Establishing individual career development planning.
    • Identifying key Executives, designing retention planning and new compensation and profit policy.
    • Creating more homogeneous and cohesive Teams, enhancing results.

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