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Casos de éxito

Búsqueda Urgente de Directivos en Europa para importante Compañía del Sector Moda
Dos años después de su incorporación, los resultados sobrepasaron ampliamente los objetivos y expectativas de la Compañía

Commitments with the clients

In every process we undertake with our Clients the commitment of a High Quality Service based in...

Interim Management Executive Search

There exist cyclical stages when Companies need to incorporate Executives for a certain period of time, interim managers, who posses the specific knowledge or experience to provide an answer for specific situations such as:
  • Temporary substitution of Executives
  • Corporate restructuring and reorganization processes
  • Company refloating
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Technological innovation management projects
  • New market entry
  • Etc.
cooperates with its Clients in all the stages of these processes, identifying and assessing the best Talent.

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